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Welcome, stranger! My name is Piatinskii Mikhail and i'm working in population dynamics and ecosystem research of Southen Russia. Employed in a position of lead researcher in math modelling and forecasting group in Azov-Black sea branch of VNIRO (Russian Federal Research Institute of fisheries and oceanography). You can pay your attention on myown projects & development.

Research areas: population dynamics ecosystem assessment biometry

Tools & kit: R Python C++ C# php html/js/css

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This website section contains some of my software projects in science that i was involved in
Here you can find some my source codes for fishery science in R
Some news and scientific papers related to me ;)

R & science


XSA analysis

Cohort population model

Ready-to-use project for RStudio with all phases of modelling by eXtended survivor analysis (XSA) algorithm based on FLR project group packages.

Git repo
Placeholder SimpleXSA

PCA analysis

Integrated ecosystem analysis

Ready-to-use project for RStudio with all phases of integrated ecosystem analysis procedure done by principle component analysis and regime shift detection.

Git repo
Placeholder IEA-PCA
Ready-to-use CMSY model implementation with Rmd report builder
Ready-to-use BMSY model implementation with Rmd report builder
Deprecated "swept area" method normality bootstrap improvement

SPiCT model

Production model

Ready-to-use R project with DTUaqua SPiCT model implementation with Rmd report builder.

Git repo
Placeholder SimpleSPICT

MFA analysis

Integrated ecosystem analysis

Ready-to-use R project for multiple factor analysis purposes with regime shift detection.

Git repo
Placeholder IEA-MFA

Development projects


FFCMS - fast flexible php content management system. FFCMS support multiple database engines: mysql, postgresql, sqlite, mssql. Project code follow MVC architecture and developed under popular PSR-1, PSR-4 standards. FFCMS are distributed under open-source MIT license requirements.

System includes: composer http-foundation php-plates eloquent tiny-mce

Basic package contains next applications: content, user identity, user profiles, feedback, comments, sitemap and widgets: tags, search, new content, new comments. You can access project github or download following links below.

ffcms logo

#2. Biostatistics

biostatistic logo

Biostatistics is a project with restricted access developed by information & math technologies department of Azov-Black sea branch of VNIRO. This project developed to store, assess and re-distribute fisheries scientific data from Azov and Black seas. Biostatistics consist of 3 global databases: primary ichthyologic observation reports in Azov-Black seas, official daily fishery reports from vessels, regional fishery statistic reports by Azov-black sea fisheries commission.

For all presented database user interface for view, assess, sort, selection, gis rasterize was developed.

Project is build on top of FFCMS system. Project features have been patented by Federal Institute of Industrial property.

#3. AzNIIRKH web map

AzNIIRKH online map - geo-information project to publish advices for fisheries, shipping and aquaculture management. All presented GIS data are public and developed by math & info department Azov-Black sea branch of VNIRO.

Technologies: geoserver leaflet bootstrap

Web map allow to access about fisheries & aquaculture zones on Azov-Black sea, Rostov and Krasnodar area; information about industrial and amateur fisheries; dangerous marine zones for shipping; etc.

Web map: Open (Russian only)

AzNIIRKH map logo